Introducing Cubetractor! The all new effective, not to mention explosive, means of getting rid of turrets and other pesky little things! A neo-retroesque action-strategy-puzzle hybrid, Cubetractor packs in wholesome amounts of mayhem into each and every crunchy little pixel!

What's Next?

So just letting everyone know, that we have plans to re-interpret Cubetractor in high definition -- retelling the ol' pixel-style in the form of digitally painted art. This isn't just a remake -- we intend to introduce plenty of new things, including tweaks to the mechanics, new cube types, new structures, new enemies and a whole cast of new levels.

We should also add that we have received plenty of feedback regarding the possibility of having Cubetractor offering multiplayer, and we'll be doing just that! Of course it'll mean a bunch of adjustments to how the mechanics specifically to make player-vs-player, but we do have some interesting ideas on how to handle that, which we'll be sharing in time to come.

That said, we really want to know your thoughts -- like what new things you'd like to see, or perhaps you have a certain opinion on the new graphics for the game. Just get in touch with us through facebook or google plus and tell us!